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"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."

- ​Paul Cezanne

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

- Barack Obama

"a golden future"

Our world is defined by

each one of us.

Only we have the power to build the world we want to live in and create change for a more unified & sustainable future.


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A Universe For Love

One World Parachute

All We Have To Give


Art connects. Together we show our solidarity for Ukraine, peace and democracy.

Aicy Karbstein, Ruby Bassford, Tabitha Beard, Pamela Callen, Carmelo Ciancio, DGAF Embroidery, The Cotton Knot, Nico Gonzal, Sylvia Hill Artsquire, Hobie Hare, Susan Humphrey, Martha Hodge, Candace Morrell, Diana Manchak, Frank Roth, Wayne Thomas, Monica Van Der Mars, Carol Wade, Anja Zander

Sustainability & Equality




Precious Pendulum


Erosion Control


There is so much beauty in this world...

The Journey

From the peaceful waters of the Chesapeake

we follow the path from East to West

to live a true heartbeat

of this land’s eternity.

We pass through softly rolling hills

and the simple complexity of endless farm- and grassland

to dive into the badland's bizarre formations of beautiful nothingness.

We breathe in the scent of pine forests

and lush meadows,

filled with mushrooms and wildflowers, sparkling in all colors.

We touch the sky

on a rough, tundra-like mountain

high above the turquoise-white glacier

embedded in the moraine’s gray scree.

We cross crystal-clear streams

in a moss-covered rain forest

to feel completely humbled

below one thousand years old trees

We sense the pearling-fresh humidity

of misty fog on our skin,

vanished by the sun’s warm touch

at a mystic mountain lake.

And finally,

we end our journey on a beach

with white-weathered wood

and the wild roaring sea.

In the state, where the mountains are calling.

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We, the Future #1

We, the Future #2


Nature Comes In All Colors

the bridge_Framed.jpg

The Bridge





I am only one of many

Julie Allinson, Norma Baretincic, Janet Barr, Bleecker & Pacific Design, Barbara Boward, Denise Breitburg, Susan Carney, Pamela Callen, Bill Cassidy, Sue Cassidy, Gail Chenevey, Carmelo Ciancio, Lani Clark, Ruth Collins, Donna Carley-Tizol, Wednesday Davis, Elaine Davy Strong, Nancy Donley, Andrea Felder, Craig Fielder,  Valerie Frantz, Michael Guarraia, Adam Godet, Tricia Hall, Jeanne Norton Hammett, Molly Hewitt, Scott Hill, Silvia Hill, Martha Hodge, Sarah Houde, Nora Humm, Susan Humpfrey, Aicy Karbstein, David Kelsey, Polly Lange, Joseph Craig English, Judy Larsen, Cedric Magen, St. Mary’s County Art Council, The Mitchells, Candace Morrell, Ron Muko, Renee Nelson, Nutt House Wine & Wood, Joyce Owen, Jackie Pliskin, Dottie Proffer, Carole Purcell, Steve Richardson, Elizabeth Reid, Larry Ringgold, Mary Ida Rolage, Jeanie Rupard, Suzanne Shelden, Lee Anne Shontere, Carol Siegel, Irvin Smoot, Liz Strong Wilson, Merideth Taylor, Lisa Tettimer, Wayne K. Thomas, Carley Tizol, Joe Tizol, Pat Troiani, Tracey Vernon, Helene Vonnegut, Carol Wade, Linda Wharton, Domonic Webster, Toni Wolf, Anja Zander


Stairway to Heaven
(when all are one and one is all)


One and the Same

Art & Poetry:



The Bond


Time to Heal

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Image by Josefin

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