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Anja comes from a little town in Germany close to the Dutch border. In 2012, Anja moved with her husband to Saint Leonard in Maryland. Here she finally got the chance to work with wood. Started as a hobby-woodworker besides her regular work as an archaeologist (her focus lies on South American/ Andean Archaeology), she realized that woodworking is more than a passion and in July 2017 she opened her woodworking/art business ZanaWoodArtZ. Her work includes wood art, functional objects, jewelry & home decor made of domestic wood and driftwood. Some of her pieces also include other materials like sea glass, ink or metal leaf.​ As a new category, Anja started to integrate abstract wood photography into her repertoire.

At the beginning, Anja was amazed by the grain and color variations of exotic wood types like purpleheart or leopardwood. But, with the reduction of the rain forests, the long shipping distances of exotic wood types, and the human impact on the environment, her focus shifted quickly to more sustainable woodworking methods. 

Most of her work is now made of domestic wood and driftwood (until the leftovers are used up, you can still find exotic wood pieces in some of her smaller projects). Anja also reduced the use of shellac and varnishes. Instead, she makes her own eco-friendly finishes, which are mixtures of mineral oil and local beeswax (Apex Bee Company https://www.apexbeecompany.com/).



2nd place in Catonsville, Upcycled Driftwoodlamp


Best Booth Presentation at Patuxent River Appreciation Days (PRAD) 


2nd place in North Beach´s Sculpture Competition,

Driftwood Sculpture "Chesie"

Maryland Artists against Racism (June 2020)


Annapolis Woodworker Guild (https://www.annapoliswoodworkers.org/)

Artworks@7th, North Beach (https://www.artworksat7th.com/)

Calvert Artists´Guild (https://calvertartistsguild.org/)   

Unique Boutique (https://www.uniqueboutiquesomd.com/)

Side projects

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Besides combining different media with her woodworking skills, Anja is also a photographer, writer and designs flyers for the gallery Aartworks@7th.  If you want to learn more, follow her on social media

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