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"More important than a work of art itself is what it will sow"

Joan Miro

Since my childhood I had the wish to become an artist. When I first opened my wood art business in 2017, I was happy with creating only functional wood art. In fact, it made me feel comfortable, because functional wood art can be judged on the levels of quality and design, yet this is not personal judgement about the artist. However, I quickly got the impression that my work is too "shallow".

Creating functional wood art or painting pleasing things and sceneries is important and represents in my opinion the “beauty” of art. It creates a peaceful state of mind. But, I always understood art as much more than a "descriptive medium". For me, the “strength” of art is the statement. Art as a channel to express emotions & viewpoints, and by doing so to challenge people to engage with political, historical, environmental or social topics. 

When Georg Floyd got killed in 2020, I made my decision to show more of the artist behind the art, to cross the line from being a descriptive artist to one with a message. Those messages you find here as my "Golden Future Statement Art".

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