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Withstanding Artists

As the subtitle shows, I wrote this poem at the beginning of the pandemic, when I came home from my PT. The streets were empty, no people, no cars. Now, one year later we are almost back to our "normal" life, even if the pandemic is not done with us yet.

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The Change

The background photo is a part of a gorgeous spring in Yellowstone, called “Black Pool”. Obviously, it is not black anymore. This fits well to a statement written on a board in another area of Yellowstone, and which inspired my poem:  “The only constant (in life) is change”. If you would like to learn more what stands behind this poem.

2021 was very emotional. The whole package of feelings, from true happiness to high levels of frustration with a lot of questions, evaluation and self-reflection. The beginning of 2021 was especially difficult and the capitol riots had a big impact on  me. Besides (or due to) the obvious

WE are US

I think the particular beauty of the arts is that every single piece is an expression of the artist, but its interpretation is always in the eye of the beholder. Both equally important.


What does this poem means to me?

Going through my Statement Art, you will most likely understand where I stand and what my hopes are for our future.

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The Time We Never Shared

I can't recall the exact day when I wrote this poem, must have been in the last two months of 2020.  It is related to the pandemic and the unknown feeling about not being able to connect with friends and family as much as we liked or maybe even needed.


political difficulties, I realized that with the transition of making the US my home I became very quiet and stopped speaking up for the values I believe in - especially between 2017 and 2021.

After the riots I started again to talk to people openly about how I feel and I realized that it was I who had to change to make peace with this beautiful, but sometimes very challenging country which I call my home. And, so I found the courage to integrate more statement art into my repertoire.

Taking a break from my regular life and thanks to new experiences in Montana, I also have some fresh ideas about how to stay active in the process of social transformation and the shift towards a society with more equality, inclusion and environmental awareness. I hope I can bring them to life when I am back in Maryland this summer.

One year after the Capitol riots, January 6th, 2021

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