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Serving, cutting and breakfast boards come in different sizes & shapes. Every board is made as one of a kind with domestic hardwood and most of the hardwood is sourced locally in Maryland to provide sustainable wood art for those who care for the environment. While cutting boards and breakfast boards are made only with one wood type or have a simple striped design, most of ZanaWoodArtZ's serving boards show an intricate wood pattern. Every board is hand sanded and polished with 3000 grit sandpaper. An eco-friendly mixture of cocnut oil and beeswax provides natural protection of the wood.

You have something particular in mind? ZanaWoodArtZ's boards are also made to order!

"Making serving boards is very special to me. It is not just the process of laying out the pattern. Nor is it the way how they feel or look after the polishing process, perfectly smooth and vibrant due to the contrasting colors of the wood. It is more that I know I make them for people who use them for special occasions. Dinner with friends and family, gathering with good food and sharing happy moments. Cherishing what we have."   - Anja of ZanaWoodArtZ

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