The Making Of


Serving, cutting and breakfast boards come in different sizes & shapes. Some are risen or have drilled holes to integrate dipping bowls for the perfect finger food display. Every board is made as one of a kind with domestic hardwood. While some are made only with one wood type or have a simple striped design, most of them show an intricate wood pattern. Every board is hand sanded and polished with 3000 grit sandpaper. An eco-friendly mixture of mineral oil and beeswax provides natural protection of the wood.


The serving trays showing a historic map of Maryland combine Anja's professions - archaeology & woodworking. The outline of the Chesapeake Bay follows Anderson`s historic map “The states of Maryland and Delaware from the latest surveys”  from 1799. The first mentions and/or founding dates for each county and at least one city within each county have been researched by ZanaWoodArtZ.

The integrated maps are covered with a food grade resin (MAX CLR Epoxy Resin), to allow the safe display of cheese, meat, and other cold food. The wooden frame is made with up to three domestic wood types of your choice. The lower side of the board is made with pine to reduce weight.

You can also order the map as wall art in a regular wood frame (without handles). Additionally, your location can be marked with a star.