Food & Beverages

Serving Boards, Cutting Boards & Breakfast Boards


The boards come in different sizes & shapes and can be used as serving, cutting or breakfast boards. Some are risen or have drilled holes to attach bowls to the board for a perfect display of food. Every board is made as one of a kind with domestic hardwood. While some are made only with one wood type or have a simple striped design, most of them show an intricate wood pattern.

Serving Trays

The serving trays showing the map of Maryland combine historical archaeology & woodworking and are designed by ZanaWoodArtZ with the attempted to combine her both professions. The outline of the Chesapeake Bay follows Anderson`s historic map “The states of Maryland and Delaware from the latest surveys”  from 1799. The first mentions and/or their founding dates were researched for the counties and at least one city within each county. Made with a food safe resin (MAX CLR Epoxy Resin), you can safely display cheese, meat, and other cold food.

You can also order the map as wall art in a regular wood frame (without handles). Additionally, your location can be marked with a star.

Wine  & Whisky Displays

WhiskeyTray .jpg

Wine and Whisky displays come in different designs. Hanging or free standing displays or as flat stands to display your best beverages on a countertop or table.

Glass & Bottle Trays


Glass & Bottle trays hold 2 bourbon or 4 shot glasses and one bottle for your favorite beverage.

Glass Flights (Beer, Cocktails, Liqueurs)

ShotGLass (1 of 1).jpg

Glass flights hold up to 6 glasses and are made for beer, cocktails, bourbon, or liqueur

Magnetic Bottle Cap Catchers