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A Universe for Love.jpg

"A Universe for Love"

A universe for love. A universe of love for ONE mankind. This is my wish.

The Ukraine war throws us back for decades and makes it very easy for every single one of us to fall back into old patterns, creating Russia as our defined enemy. We stand with Ukraine. We condemn Putin. But we also need to remember that the Russian people are not enemies of the West. Many of them do not stand behind Putin and don’t believe in his well-prepared propaganda. Some of them are even brave enough to protest openly against the war, regardless of the consequences. This is a dictator’s mind evolved through history, trying to create a new (old?) world order. And, it is not only Putin’s war. It is the war of all people who believe in those old structures of domination, supremacy and unconditional nationalism without reflection, not only in Russia.

To all of you who believe like me in ONE humankind. We stand with Ukraine and for democracy. Even of it is sometimes very hard, let's not give up on our differentiated perspectives. Our nationalities might have shaped us, but it is not all that defines us.


Stick with love.


Finished on first day of war

OneWorld PArachuite.jpg

"One World Parachute"

I was wondering if I dared to picture the whole world as a parachute for Ukraine given the circumstances.

A one world parachute. Not divided by countries but unified by people.

People who speak up for Ukraine, for democracy, and for freedom. People who speak up against war, fascism and nationalism, no matter their nationality or origin.


Finished on fourth day of war

All We Have.jpg

"All We Have to Give"

"All We Have to give" pictures the world and Ukraine on a light bridge in the universe. The man, in blue and yellow, represents Ukrainian people. The woman, represents the world and humankind. Both holding symbols in their hands. Ukraine holds a sunflower, representing the resistance against political & violent repression and their fight for sovereignty. The world holds a heart. This heart stands for love, solidarity, empathy and also helplessness, because this is "All We Have to Give".

Further, the world stands on her toes - tiptoeing between the wish to give all that she can and being afraid of what will happen if she does.

And from my personal perspective?


Finished on 12th day of war

Solidarity. Hope. Love. That is all I have.

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