All birdhouses are made with weather-resistant softwood (red and aromatic cedar). The exterior is finished with a homemade mixture of mineral oil & local bees wax (Apex Bee Company). The inside is left untreated. Each birdhouse has vents for air circulation and one side opens for easy clean-out. The size of the birdhouse makes it suitable for bluebirds, wrens, and chickadees. The wood will age beautifully to different shades of gray. Hangers are provided on the back. All birdhouses are made as one of kind.

Measurements: max.  h. 10" x l. 5" x w. 5" (interior)

Bird´s Bed & Breakfast

Type "Marcia"

Type "Laura"

Type "Melissa"

A "Bird´s Bed & Breakfast" combines a birdhouse with a feeder. Every B,B&B is made with weather-resistant softwood, finished only on the outside with a mixture of mineral oil and natural waxes and has vents for better air circulation. One side opens for easy cleaning. To add seeds to the feeder just open the lid of the "addition". The wood will age beautifully to different shades of gray. Hangers are provided on the back.

Measurements: max.  h. 12" x l. 12.5" x w. 7" (exterior)

Made to order

Bee & Insect Hotels

Design: Bauhaus

Design: Driftwood Decor

Design: Bamboo & Wood

Bee Hotels provide shelter for solitary bees, lacewings and other insects for nesting and hibernating. Bee Hotels are a very useful tool for gardeners, because the non-aggressive solitary bees help to pollinate flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They will often nest in the same area year after year. All bee hotel boxes are made with weather-resistant red cedar. The exterior is finished with a mixture of mineral oil and bees wax. Hangers are provided on the back. The wood will age over time.

Measurements: vary (the "regular" height is between 10"-16", but can be 8"-36")

Planters and Flower Boxes

Planters and flower boxes are made from softwood and hardwood.

Depending on the wood type and finishing, they are made for indoors or outdoors. Some are finished with shellac and/or polyurethane, some with natural waxes and some are untreated.

For Your Garden:

New homes for Birds & Solitary Bees

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