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Anja's love for driftwood goes far back to her childhood, when she searched the North Sea shores of the Netherlands for driftwood. Moving to the States, she re-discovered driftwood hunting as one of her favorite things to do.

Each driftwood piece has been selected due to its unique character and you can find a wide range of jewelry, 2D & 3D driftwood art @ ZanaWoodArtZ. 2D wall art is available as naturalistic, abstract and statement art. 3D art includes small to large scale sculptures and sculpture lights. Some of the art combines driftwood with sea glass, metal leaf, acrylic, watercolor or ink.

How driftwood will be transformed into jewelry pendants depends on its character. Sometimes ZanaWoodArtZ keeps the organic shapes of the driftwood. Or, the driftwood gets integrated in the intricate pattern which are typical for her work.

Each piece of driftwood art is made as one of a kind.

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