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Bourbon Flight


Enjoy with a friend

Made of domestic wood only



The bourbon flight contains of two layers, sitting on feet. The top layer has a contrasting striped design made of walnut, maple, ambrosia maple and cherry. It has two smaller holes  (2 3/4 in) to hold glasses and one bigger hole ( 3 5/8 in) that holds a standard whiskey, scotch, or bourbon bottle. The lower layer is made of a cherry and walnut. The feet are made of ambrosia maple and have a thin rill as decorative element.

The flight is finished with a homemade wood conditioner, a mixture of mineral oil and local beeswax.


Approx. measurements: 19 x 4 3/4 x 2 1/4 in

The board comes with two simple boubon glasses, shown in the photo


All bourbon flights are made as one of a kind. Only one available

Bourbon Flight