Small erving Board


This small serving board is made as one of a kind with cherry, maple, ambrosia maple and walnut.

It can be used as cutting board or also to display cheese, meat, sushi, or any kind of fingerfood.

The board is polished to a very smooth finish, using sandpaper up to 3000 grit. Several layers of mineral oil and a homemade, eco-friendly and food safe mixture of mineral oil & local beeswax protect the wood.


Approx. measurements


11 3/4" x 6 1/4" x 3/4".


Only one available.

The homemade board conditioner is also for sale and provides long-lasting protection of the wood.


This board comes with a description how to take care of wooden boards. Enjoy!


Shipping applies. Free pickup is available for locals. Choose "Free pick up for locals" at checkout and I will email you.


Small Serving Board