Tiny Wooden Pendant and .925 Sterling Silver


Not everyone likes big jewelry. This rectangular shaped pendant is very small  but still showy. It is made as one of a kind with four overlaying layers made of holly, walnut and persimmon. The wood comes from a local farm in Huntingtown. The pendant is polished to a very smooth finish with the final grit of 3000. An eco-friendly mixture of mineral oil & beeswax provides natural protection of the wood and  extra smoothness. With a 16" long .925 sterling silver chain, this necklace lays smoothly around your neck.



Small pendants like this one are almost 100% handsanded and they take longer to make than bigger ones.

Only one available.


Approx. Pendant Measurements

Length: 3/4 in

Max. Width: 3/8 in

Max. Thickness: 1/4 in


Chain Style: Snake Chain, .925 Sterling Silver

Chain Length: 16"


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Necklace with Tiny Pendant