Wooden Pendant and .925 Sterling Silver


This rectangular shaped pendant is made as one of a kind with four overlaying layers. It includes three wood types: cherry, maple and walnut. The bottom layer is made of walnut, the second last layer shows vertical stripes of maple, cherry and walnut, the overlaying layer has walnut in it's upper part and maple in it's lower. The top layer shows a very fine pattern. In the center, a thin horizontal walnut veneer strip is edged with maple stripes. A very fine checkboard design is shown below and ablove the maple stripes, made of walnut and cherry. Between the pendant and the two-parted .925 sterling silver chain, decoative balls and rings are attached. The pendant is sanded to a very smooth finish with the final grit of 2500. An eco-friendly mixture of mineral oil & beeswax provides natural protection of the wood. 

The necklace lays smoothly around your neck.


Made as one of a kind.

Only one available.


Approx. Pendant Measurements

Length: 1 3/8 in

Max. Width: 3/4 in

Max. Thickness: 1/4 in


Chain Style: Foxtail Neck Chain

Chain Length: 17"


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