Long Serving Board with Feed


This long serving board with feed is an elegant choice for displaying cheese, meat, sushi, or any kind fingerfood. It is made as one of a kind with a beautiful walnut board, showing heart- and sapwood with an outstanding natural wood pattern. A thin maple stripe contrasts the dark color of the walnut.

The board is polished with 3000 grit sand paper and protected by a mixture of mineral oil & beeswax. This homemade board conditioner is eco-friendly & food safe and has a higher quality as most of the wood conditioners you can find in regular wood or hardware stores.




19 3/4 x 6 x 3/4 inches


Only one available.

This board comes with a description how to take care of wooden boards. Enjoy!


Shipping applies. Free pickup available for people from Southern Maryland.  Check "free pick up for locals" at checkout and I will email you about where to meet.


Long Serving Board with Feet