Abstract Wood Photography on Canvas


"Origin of the Chesapeake"


Origin: Historic  Boat, Solomons, MD


Did you know that the geology of the Chesapeake Bay was created by a meteror impact at the end of the Eocene, about 35.5 mio years ago? And that the bay as we see it today formed after the last ice age roughly 10,000 yars ago? This is what is pictured in the abstract wood photography "Origin of the Chesapeake"


The Making Of:

Wooden surfaces start to crack up over time. If they were painted, the paint starts to chips off. These changes are the base for the abstract wood photography. The first step is to select a portion of the photo that can be transformed into a landscape. This section will then be edited by deleting or adding sequences of the original photo and adding and reducing colors. In this process, many layers are placed on top of each other until the desired effect has been achieved. Those digital evolved photos can have up to 80 layers and color alterations.




8 x 12 x 3/4 in


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"Origin of the Chesapeake" Abstract Wood Photography

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