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I am so excited & grateful that I have the change to be in Montana!
If you want to keep up with what is going on during my sabbatical, you are at the right spot! Here you find a mixture of my work, photos of my trips, & lyrics I think are worth to share.

Just here for some photos?


MARCH 2022



Peaceful Waters (1 of 1)_edited.jpg

"Peaceful Waters"


"Aspen at Night"

Some new veneer art


A Universe for Love.jpg

"A Universe For Love"

OneWorld PArachuite.jpg

"One World Parachute"

All We Have.jpg

"All We Have"


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YAY! Some of my art is now available @ HandMADE Montana, Polson, MT



I am looking forward to seeing you again in 2022.

Wherever that might be : -)

Thank you so very much for all the support in 2021!


Great news! My earrings are now available at the store UPCYCLED in Missoula!


UPCYCLED, 517 S Higgins Ave, Missoula, Montana


All items in this store are made of at least 50% upcycled materials. Every single artisan in this store cares about the environment and sees beauty where others only see waste! Love it!

"Abstract Wood Photography"

"Statement Art"

"We, the Future" (#2)


And even more great news!
My shows in Helena and Missoula are coming up soon and I am working on getting some more art done! Besides jewelry, my booth will also be filled with different styles of wood art. Most of what you see here is still WIP ... but we want to keep it interesting, right?!



Selected pieces of my digital art "Abstract Wood Photography" - weathered wood transformed into landscapes.

Selected pieces of my "Statement Art" will be available as prints. The originals are sold or stayed back in Maryland. I had not planned to bring them, but it is very obvious that many people of the Missoula (and Helena?) community think like me. Maybe some of you would like to support local artists and would like to make a statement at the same time?
The number of prints (all 8 x 10, including a 11 x 14 matting) is very limited, but postcards will also be available.

Kelly Island.jpg

"Follow the Grain" Wood Art

"Follow the Grain" ink & wood art  - another beautiful way to celebrate nature! Wood is not only used as medium, rather the wood becomes art itself. By highlighting its nature (grain, knots & color variations), the wood transforms into a new kind of nature.

Some of those pieces are made of upcycled wood.


"Veneer Art"

Years ago a woodworker friend gave me his veneer that he wouldn't use anymore. I never found the time to use it. Finally I do.  Those little artworks are inspired by Montana's beautiful scenery and/or express individual statements.


Want to learn more about these categories?

"Sustainable Driftwood Art"

Driftwood Art is one of ZanaWoodArtZ's most favorite categories.
All driftwood is collected along Montana's rivers and lakes, with only a few pieces coming from Washington State. Inspired by the landscape which surrounds us, each driftwood art pictures nature's beauty in a very unique way. While some art contains only driftwood, other artworks are combined with sea glass (collected in my Maryland), foiling, acrylics or ink.
Most of those materials are upcycled - really sustainable art!



October & December Shows 2021

Bozeman Handmade.jpg

Bozeman MADE fair
Bozeman, October 31
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
11 am to 5 pm // VIP 10 am to 11 am


Helena Holiday MADE fair
Helena, December 4 & 5
Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds
Sat 10am-5pm // Sun 10am-4pm


Missoula Holiday MADE fair
Missoula, December 12
Adams Center, University of MT
Sat 10am-5pm // Sun 10am-4pm


  - handmade in Montana!


Here are a few examples of my jewelry that I brought to the show "Bozeman MADE fair", Since it was my first show, my focus was on jewelry. In Helena & Missoula I will also bring prints of my statement art and abstract wood photography as well as 2D driftwood art. I am looking forward to seeing you there!




We spend a weekend in Glacier National Park. This is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been. On our Saturday hike we had our first close grizzly encounters. In total we saw eight bears that day, four on our hike. On Sunday we got to hang out with mountain goats. Mountain goats are most amazing creatures!


My husband and I are some of the lucky ones who did a cross-country trip through the US before we settled into our new home in Missoula. The diversity and beauty of this continent was often just breathtaking. For me, it was a constant reminder that we humans are just a small part in the complexity of nature. It is on us to preserve this beauty for future generations and to live as sustainable as possible.

It is hard to put in words all the beauty we have seen on our journey. But I felt like trying and wrote this poetry when we reached the West Coast in Washington.


The Journey

From the peaceful waters of the Chesapeake

we follow the path from East to West

to live a true heartbeat

of this land’s eternity.

We pass through softly rolling hills

and endless farm- and grassland

with their simple complexity

to reach the desert’s bizarre formations.

We breathe the air of

pine forests and lush meadows,

filled with mushrooms and wildflowers,

sparkling in all colors.

We touch the sky

on a rough, tundra-like mountain

high above the turquoise-white glacier

embedded in the moraine’s gray scree.

We cross crystal-clear streams

to feel completely humbled

below one thousand years old trees

in an overgrown, moss-covered rain forest.

We sense the pearling-fresh humidity

of misty fog on our skin,

vanished by the sun’s warm touch

at a mystic mountain lake.

And finally,

we end our journey on a beach

with white-weathered wood

and the wild roaring sea.

In the state, where the mountains are calling.

August '21

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